FAST Sonnets in Cyberspace #3

This tale of old still moves the human soul:
Impatient son for pasture longs where grass
Greener grows, wants wealth of his family’s class
Before appointed time — flees all control
To seek familiar foreign land, his goal
Fulfills. But friends forsake when swine surpass
His famine-ravaged means. In dark morass,
Asks: Can I find the life my folly stole?
See tear-pained eyes horizon-wandering —
And now see tear-washed feet rush to embrace
Our deepest human need: Though our hearts roam,
A Father’s love forgives our squandering.
Oh God of prodigals, help me Your race
Run true — on my heart’s road — to Your heart’s home.

© Bruce William Deckert 2013



The sonnet might be the best poem structure for the on-the-move 21st century.

No lengthy free verse here — instead, 14 thrifty lines, with 10 syllables per line.

This poem is an Italian (or Petrarchan) sonnet. In this case, the rhyme scheme — the pattern of rhymes at the end of each line — is as follows: abba abba cdecde.

Alternate Last Two Lines
Oh God of prodigals, grant by Your grace
I run the road that leads to Your heart’s home.

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