All-Name Teams #19

Featuring names from across the world of sports

“I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.” — Nelson Mandela

All-Holy Team 2
Jahvid Best — football
Vontaze Burfict — football
Eric LeGrand — football
Mike Singletary — football
Jayson Werth — baseball

All-Horror Team 2
Danny Gorrer — football
Igor Olshansky — football
Deaysean Rippy — football
James Skelton — baseball
Casper Ware — basketball

All-Saints Team 2
Isaiah Canaan — basketball
Ezequiel Lavezzi — soccer
Paulus Moses — boxing
Joakim Noah — basketball
Elijah Qualls — basketball

Procedural Note — If you’re wondering why there are five people per team, it’s simple … basketball was my favorite sport as I was growing up, and since the rules of basketball (last time I checked) allow five players per team on the court, I’m going with five-person teams.

Bruce William Deckert


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