All-Name Teams #30

Featuring names from across the world of sports


February 29th: A birthday so awesome that the world can only handle it once every four years!
— Internet meme

The seasons change their manners, as the year
Had found some months asleep, and leapt them over.
— William Shakespeare • Henry IV

That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.
— Neil Armstrong

All-Time Team 2
Early Doucet — football
Brenden Morrow — hockey
K.J. Noons — mixed martial arts
Boo Weekley — golf
Rickie Weeks — baseball

All-Day Team
Oday Aboushi — football
Kevin Cheveldayoff — hockey
Dayan Diaz — baseball
Ron Hornaday — auto racing
Adrian “All Day” Peterson — football

Procedural Note — If you’re wondering why there are five people per team, it’s simple: Basketball was my favorite sport as I grew up, and since the rules of basketball (last time I checked) allow five players per team on the court, I’m going with five-person All-Name Teams.

— Bruce William Deckert


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