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You’ve come to the page where I convey my career credentials and a brief life bio, aiming for a healthy confidence as well as a healthy humility. Yes, confidence and humility at the same time — apparently, one of life’s paradoxes!

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Today Magazine — Publisher + Editor-in-Chief + Founder — Copy Editor • Talent-Integration Editor • other roles

Journal Register Company — Sunday Edition Editor, The Herald Press
• Page 1 Editor, The Bristol Press • Wethersfield Post Editor • other roles

Awards — Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) • Connecticut chapter
• First Place — Local Reporting
Beating The Heat: Volunteer firefighters are heat-seeking heroes
• First Place — Op-Ed Writing
• Second Place — Page 1 Design
• Third Place — Education Story
• Third Place — Arts & Entertainment Feature


Bruce William Deckert began his post-college journalism career at the Post — not the New York or Washington outfits, but the Wethersfield (Conn.) Post.

After serving as an editor for from 1999-2017, he launched Today Magazine, a print-and-digital monthly publication that covers the heart of Connecticut’s Farmington Valley.

He is a five-time SPJ award-winner — SPJ stands for the Society of Professional Journalists.

Bruce has written a book — Serengeti Friendship: Soccer Forgiveness — that is aimed at young people of all ages. The book was chosen to be part of the World Cup Exhibition at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa.

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Bruce was raised in Bloomfield and Plainfield. His first news job? Star-Ledger paperboy. He graduated from Gordon College (Wenham, Mass.) and Plainfield (N.J.) High School.

Growing up in New Jersey, he lived and died with the Yankees and Mets, among other devotions. As an adult — and hopefully still growing — he has fallen asleep often enough during late-night Yankee playoff games. He has lived in Connecticut since 1988.

From age 5 through college, Bruce’s home church was Willow — not mega-Willow Creek in Illinois, but Willow Grove Presbyterian in Scotch Plains, N.J.

P.S. Hoop trivia — Bruce played pickup basketball with someone who coached LeBron James once. What is his name? If you want to make a guess in the comments, go for it. Or … welcome to the absurdity of a poll that asks if you’d like another poll:


In addition to my editing work at, I wrote these three articles:

Page 2: Prayer and football inseparable

Writers’ Bloc: Does God belong in the NFL? Does Kurt Warner?
(scroll to the bottom to find my brief essay)

MLB: Looking back at the ‘disastrous’ All-Star tie


Summary of Pre-Journalism Career

Crossroads Communication — sole proprietor • consultant
The Master’s School (Connecticut) — PR • English teacher
Raymond High School (New Hampshire) — English teacher


email — deckertbruce @

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